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Pre-Registration to ICC-PBM now open!

On 24 and 25 April 2018 the International Consensus Conference on Patient Blood Management (ICC-PBM2018) will take place in Frankfurt, Germany. We cordially invite you to pre-register for this event!

In this Consensus Development Conference, international experts will present the best available evidence on Patient Blood Management (PBM) to a multi-disciplinary panel and an audience of over 250 stakeholders. This will result in evidence-based recommendations on the following 3 key topics:
1) Red Blood Cell Transfusion Triggers,
2) Pre-Operative Anemia
3) Implementation of PBM
The Centre for Evidence-Based Practice of the Belgian Red Cross followed a rigorous and transparent process by systematically reviewing the available evidence and assessing the quality of the evidence on different research questions within these 3 topics. The Scientific Committee members have overseen the work and evaluated all the evidence summaries. The GRADE approach will be used during the Conference to formulate recommendations based on the evidence summaries. Besides the rigorous scientific process, this conference is unique due to its international collaboration: the consortium of organisers spans European, American, Canadian and Australian organizations in the field of blood transfusion, all willing to contribute to furthering patient blood management.

You can pre-register here. More information on the event can be found on the ICC-PBM site.