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Eurobloodpack 1: Whole Blood Collection Systems and Ancillary Processing Systems

The current Framework Agreement for Eurobloodpack 1 (Whole blood Collection and Ancillary Packs) has been awarded for the period 01 May 2013 – 30 April 2017.

The technical specifications contain:

  • three product specifications for primary collection systems including Top and Top Collection System for whole blood filtration, Bottom and Top System for Red cell concentrate (RCC) filtration and a Bottom and Top System for RCC filtration with Integral Plasma Filter.
  • ten product specifications for ancillary processing packs:
    • Whole Blood Dry Pack
    • Quadruple Transfer Set
    • Sextuplet Transfer Set
    • Single Transfer Pack
    • Cryoprecipitate Pooling Pack
    • Plasma Filter Set (Single or Double) Pack
    • Platelet Pooling Filter Pack
    • Platelet Storage Pack
    • Platelet Pooling Filter Pack with integral sample pouch

Contract management operations consist of:

  • Ongoing supplier performance reviews, looking at joint defect monitoring, business continuity stock levels and tracking purchase volumes.
  • Ongoing specification/ change control meetings.