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Eurobloodpack 2: Whole Blood Collection Systems and Ancillary Processing Systems

The current Framework Agreement for Eurobloodpack 1 (Whole blood Collection and Ancillary Packs) is due to expire on 30 April 2017. In order to ensure that a replacement Framework Agreement is in place by this date, NHSBT will be hosting the new procurement exercise on behalf of the European Blood Alliance (EBA) members and partners being the Australian Blood Service and the New Zealand Blood Service. Where reference is made to EBA members it also includes the other blood services listed above.

This page has been issued in order for potential suppliers and EBA members to understand the scope and the time lines of this project.

Based on the following 1st draft specifications, a couple of feedbacks have been collected and have led to the issuance of the following 2nd draft versions of the expected specifications:

Note: Whilst the technical specifications do not contain track changes, there is a summary of any significant changes in the version control history at the start of each document. NHSBT is mandated to use the attached Terms and Conditions. The relevant annex documents referenced within the Framework Agreement will be populated and issued with the ITT documentation, therefore this document has been issued for information purposes only.

Feedback is to be provided on the NHSBT0763-Feedback Form (Excel). Only one form is to be submitted by each EBA members and suppliers, therefore at the time of submission please confirm the name of the document owner and that all relevant departments within your organisation have had an opportunity to input in to the response.

Each EBA member and potential supplier is asked to consider the following as part of their feedback:

  • Is the wording for the requirements:
    • Clear in its intent
    • Constant in application
  • Are the statements made reasonable? i.e. don’t contradict with standards or Directives.
  • Can all the requirements be complied with in full?
  • Are the timescales appropriate?
  • Are their any gaps or omissions which you believe should be included?

The filled in template must be sent to the EBA Office, under the following header: “Eurobloodpack consultation”. NHSBT will collate all the comments and circulate in order to facilitate discussions.