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EBA Research Grant



MIMI (Missing Minorities) was EBA’s first own funded project aimed at increasing minority representation in the donor population. It focused on the issue why minority groups are underrepresented and how these groups can be motivated to become blood donors.

Minority under-representation presents a challange for an increasing number of blood establishments. In the first place, an increasing number of countries experiences difficulties in supplying matching blood/tissues/stem cells for patients from minority groups, as the genotyping of some of these groups differs from the general population and thus from the available blood products. In the second place, large minority groups that do not differ from the original population from a genetical point of view, might form a substantial group of potential new donors.

The MIMI project has conducted an international survey on current practices in recruiting donors from minority groups, define an action plan and disseminate the knowledge gained. The action plan can be downloaded on the down