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EU Funded Projects

EBA is furthering its goals also by working together with the EC by initiating Projects (co-)funded by the EU. All EBA initiated projects have led to tangible deliverables:

Donor Health Care (DoHeCa)

The Donor Health Care programme is the first postgraduate educational programme in its field. It offers a unique E-learning program for medical professionals involved in assessing donors and obtaining Substances of Human Origin (SoHO). It is an overarching program for the fields of blood, tissues, cells and tissue donation. Join the programme and increase your knowledge and skills of Donor Health Care. Progress of the project can be followed on the Donor health care website.


Project on DOnor MAnagement IN Europe was completed last summer with the publishing of the Domaine Manual. The Project Group has now moved on to giving training sessions on successful donor management.

EuBIS (EU Blood Inspection Systems)

the first project that brought together regulators and manufacturers to together to develop criteria and standards for Inspections. The Project group has delivered two manuals

  • EUBIS Common criteria for the inspection of Blood Establishments
  • EUBIS Audit/inspection training guide

This group has now given several training sessions on Inspections throughout the world. More information and the eBooks of the Manuals can be found on their website:

EU Optimal Blood Use Project

EUOBUP has produced a Manual aimed at promoting improvement in the quality of the clinical transfusion process, defined as “Transfusion of the right unit of blood to the right patient at the right time, and in the right condition and according to appropriate guidelines”.

The manual contains information to:
– How to deliver QA of the clinical transfusion process
– Promote best practice in blood transfusion
– How to comply with relevant EU directives


The overall objective of the project is to contribute to good quality management (QM) in blood services, based on the requirements set out in Directive 2002/98/EC and its technical annexes. The manual can be ordered through the website