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Collaborative Quality Management Working Group


The European Blood Alliance Working Group on Collaborative Quality Management was created in 2012 with the remit to lead and co-ordinate EBA activities related to Validation, Supplier Audit, Documentation Management Practices and Change Control in order to Save cost / Increase efficiency, share best practices and provide network opportunities.


2009: EBA Workgroup on Collaborative Validation (WGCV) – Chair : Janet Sampson

  • Exchange of Validation files between Blood Establishments (BE)
  • Scale advantages for product manufacturers and BEs by standardising

2011: Collaborative Supplier Audit (CSA) Pilot – Chair : Mark Nightingale

  • CSA Initiative – report of findings presented earlier by Mark Nightingale
  • participants: Belgian Red Cross-Flanders, EFS, NHSBT, Sanquin and SNBTS.
  • Established within routine EBA management processes (EBA April 2012)

2012: WGCV and CSA merged within Collaborative Quality Management (WGCQM)

  • Exchanging knowledge between EBA members in order to optimise use of resources.
  • Scope: Validation, Supplier Audit, Documentation Management Practices, Change Control

The EBA WGCQM reports on its activities to the EBA Executive and Board periodically and the outcome of activities is made available to EBA members via this website.


EBA WGCV is chaired by Ms Janet Sampson from the Welsh Blood Service, co-chaired by Jan Ceulemans of the Red Cross-Flanders and has at present members from the following Blood Establishments:

Sanquin, Netherlands, Etablissement Francais du Sang, France, NHSBT England, Latvia Blood Donor Centre , Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, SNBTS, Scotland, German Red Cross, Irish Blood Transfusion Service

On-going work

  • Define procedures for Supplier Audit, e.g. Standard Reports
  • Produce a paper to promote and explain the benefits of the work group to people who are actively engaged in Validations

Available documents: