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The Estonian Blood Transfusion Service consists of four separated blood centers merged to the big hospitals: North Estonia Medical Center’s Blood Center located in capital city of Tallinn, Tartu University Clinic’s Blood Center, Pärnu Hospital Blood Center and East-Viru Hospital Blood Center. All together they collected 59 013 donations in 2015: 32528 in Tallinn, 17631 in Tartu, 5959 in Pärnu and only 2895 in East-Viru. Estonia has 1, 3 million inhabitants. 2, 6% of the population is donating blood. Blood components are used in 24 hospitals in Estonia, most of them (20) are supplied by Tallinn’s and Tartu’s Blood Centers. The Blood Transfusion Service action is regulated by the Blood Act and its bylaws (since May 2005). The Estonian Blood Act is in accordance with related European Directives.


Contact details:

Blood Center – Tallinn
J. Sütiste str 19,13419 Tallinn

Blood Center – Tartu
L. Puusepa 1a, 50406 Tartu