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The French Blood Establishment (EFS) is a public organisation established in January 2000. EFS has the monopoly on collection, testing, preparation and distribution of labile blood products (except for the distribution of plasma for transfusion since 2015) to some 1900 health care facilities. Voluntary and unpaid donations, self- sufficiency and safety for patients are first basic principles governing blood transfusion in France and registered as such in the French regulation. The issuing of the majority of blood components to transfused patients in France is carried out directly by EFS. The plasma for fractionation prepared by EFS is fully fractionated by the Laboratoire Fran├žais du Fractionnement et des Biotechnologies (LFB), which imports limited volumes of plasma from abroad.
EFS comprises one national headquarter and 15 regional centres (12 in the metropolitan area), headed by directors appointed by the President of EFS and acting by delegation from him in regard to management and operations. EFS headquarter covers the overall strategic management of the establishment, medical and scientific matters, quality management, human resources, purchasing, finances, communication, information technology, legal affairs and technical services. The major points of the national quality policy of EFS are dealing with i) self sufficiency and quality and safety of labile blood products and services for the patients and donors , ii) staff skilling and iii) efficiency. A big effort is constantly dedicated to harmonising practices between establishments and reducing the cost of products and services.

Aside from the core activities, EFS carries out the following associated activities: immune-haematology and HLA laboratories, tissue and cell engineering, advanced therapy medicinal products, reagent manufacturing, research, training and education.

Contact details

French Blood Establishment (EFS)
20 avenue du Stade de France
93218 La Plaine Saint Denis Cedex
Paris, France (from 1 September 2016)