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At present, there are 5 regional blood centers and 23 local blood banks with different functions. All the blood banks primarily deal with the collection of whole blood, while in the regional blood centers production takes place. Laboratory works are done is two of the regional blood centers (Budapest and Debrecen) due to the highly centralised system. The Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service (HNBTS) Headquarters directs and coordinates the blood supply, the distribution and transportation of blood products, the connection between blood banks and hospitals, as well as quality, educational and financial logistics. Since 1959, the donor population has consisted of voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors from low-risk populations.
To cover the needs of 9,9 million Hungarians, approximately 400,000 blood donations take place annually, which means that, on average, each donor gives blood 1,6 times a year.
Due to strict rules and special software, the percentage of out-of-date blood products in Hungary is less than 3%.
In the future, we would like to continue the consolidation of the HNBTS to reduce costs and use space and special equipment more effectively.

Contact details

Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service (HNBTS)
19-21 Karolina Str
Budapest XI, POB 44
H-1518 Hungary