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The State Blood Donor Centre in Riga is the main institution within the Latvian Blood Donor Service, which administrates and coordinates the work of the Blood Donor Service and provides qualification and specialization for blood service and clinical personnel. There are 8 blood establishments and 52 hospital blood banks, which are all structural units of hospitals and cooperation is ensured by legislation and based mutual agreements. The task of the Latvian blood service is to ensure the constant supply of safe blood products to healthcare institutions. Latvian blood service is based on a relatively stable base of donors, in which a well functioning everyday blood product supply chain has developed and the safety of blood products is ensured.
In Latvia, blood service is financed from the budget. It means that all Latvian patients get blood components and plasma products free of charge. Latvia is self-sufficient in blood and plasma products.
Technologies for blood collection, separation and testing are confirmed by State institutions.
Blood Donor Centre in Riga, all blood establishments and hospital blood banks are certified by State Agency of Medicines.

Contact details:

State Blood Center
Selpils Street 9, Riga
LV-1007, Latvia
Phone +371 67471472