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There are 3 blood centers in Lithuania (population – 3 mln inhabitants): 1 blood establishment –non-profit public institution National Blood Center and 2 hospital–based blood banks, which produce blood components only for their own hospital needs and lack of them is compensated by National Blood Center. Public institution National Blood Center, founded by the Ministry of Health of Lithuania, is the biggest blood establishment, which takes more than 70% of all blood and components donations in Lithuania.

In Lithuania paid blood and blood component donations prevails: in year 2015 there were 70 774 donations, and 52 743(or 74.52%) were voluntary, non-remunerated donations. Paid donations are treated as “compensation” in cash for the donation time and travel expenses, and are covered by the Government of Lithuania. The payment is equal to 12 Euro per donation.

Public institution National Blood Center has the license for blood establishment activity, and the license of manufacturing of plasma derivatives, followed by GMP certificate. National Blood Center is the owner of the marketing authorization for plasma derivatives, manufactured by custom plasma fractionation. In autumn 2009 National Blood Center was certified with ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Contact details:

National Blood Centre
Zolyno str. 34, LT-10210 Vilnius