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In Spain, a highly decentralized country, Blood Components and Services are provided by 17 Regional Blood Transfusion Services, being the Local Governments the Competent Authority when Regional Blood Transfusion organisation is considered. Despite their autonomous operations management, every Regional Blood Transfusion Service is fully incorporated into a unique and common Public National Health System, supplying a cohesive blood transfusion care to all citizens, residents, and visitors in Spain based on 100% voluntary and non-remunerated blood donation.
The Public Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health was designated as the General Spanish Authority to coordinate and guarantee the safety and the sufficiency of the Spanish Blood supply through the Spanish Blood Transfusion Committee (it works like a real cohesion body for the 17 BTS), and the Scientific Committee for Blood Safety, whose six members, named by those Scientific Societies involved on Blood Transfusion issues and the Ministry of Health, are currently working at Spanish Blood Centers or at Hospital Blood Transfusion Units. This Committee makes proposals to the authorities about safety issues and disseminate / publish, their own studies, reports, recommendations etc. to the Spanish Blood Transfusion organisation.
In summary, a Blood Transfusion Network established by 24 Public Blood Transfusion Centres licensed and authorised by 17 Regional Governments supply all those blood components, and a big part of plasma derivatives, needed by any public or private hospital blood transfusion unit.

Contact details:
Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo
Dirección General de Salud Pública. Subdirección General de Promoción de la Salud y Epidemiología.
c/ Paseo del Prado 18-20
Madrid 28071