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The Blood transfusion service SRC is an independent, non-profit public limited company within the Swiss Red Cross (SRC). The majority of its shares are owned by the SRC, while the remaining shares belong to the 12 regional blood transfusion services.

The legal basis for the Blood transfusion service’s activities is a decision of 1951 which assigned the Swiss Red Cross the task of setting up a nation-wide blood transfusion service.

Both the umbrella organisation (Blood transfusion service SRC) and the 12  regional blood transfusion services are non-profit organisations: blood products are sold to the hospitals at cost. The selling prices of the most important blood products are fixed by the Swiss government.

The most important tasks of the umbrella organisation are:
• Consistent management and regulation of blood procurement throughout Switzerland

The most important tasks of the regional blood transfusion services are:
• The actual procurement of blood and the provision of donor care
• Manufacturing labile blood products and selling blood products to the hospitals

All in all, the Blood transfusion service SRC employs around 800 persons, many of them part-time. Thousands of persons, most of them from Samaritan associations, do voluntary work during mobile blood donating campaigns.

Each year around 310’000 blood donations are procured in Switzerland, some 40% in mobile blood donating units and another 60% at stationary centres. The supply of blood for the Swiss population has been met at all times. Despite this, the expiry rate of 1 % is extremely low thanks to flexible procurement planning.

Contact details:

Swiss Transfusion SRC Ltd.
Laupenstrasse 37, 3001 Bern