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Global partnerships

EBA is in constant contact with Blood Establishments throughout the world, either bilaterally or within a partnership of Blood Establishments. Global partnerships include:

  • Alliance of Blood Operators: with the Canadian Blood Service (CBS). America’s Blood Centers (ABC), American Red Cross (ARC), the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS), Blood Systems Inc. and the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), which is also an EBA Member.
  • Alliance with America’s Blood Centers and Asia Pacific Blood Network

EBA and European Institutions

EU institutions

EBA is regularly bringing expertise to the main EU institutions involved in regulatory processes (Commission, Parliament, Council, ECDC etc.) on topics dealing with blood and blood components. Current examples are expertise in Emerging Infectious Diseases related blood safety measures (eg West Nile Virus outbreaks, Malaria in Greece), expertise in the VNRD for Tissues and Cells (recent parliamentary report and the expected survey on this subject from the Commission).

Council of Europe

EBA keeps close links to the Council of Europe through shared projects, such as the Blood Supply Management, European Parliamentary report on Voluntary Non-Remunerated Donations (VNRD) for Tissues and Cells and updated document  to further promote VNRD in Blood and Blood components.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Through projects EBA is in frequent contact with the ECDC. The EBA assisted the ECDC in the publication of an on-line tool for risk assessment in the Blood Transfusion field. the tool can be accessed through the ECDC website